3 Tips How to Create Great Newsletter

Newsletters are great way of maintaining direct relationship with your customer. Even though email newsletters are one of the most common types of emails to send, they are actually some of the hardest to do right. So how to create a great one?

What is newsletter

Newsletter is an email from a company that communicates announcements about products, services, industry, or general company information. It includes a mix of content, like event reminders, surveys, educational information about your product, service, or industry, and promotions and other offers.

Does newsletter work for you?

You definitely should not waste your time working on a newsletter, which is not right for your marketing. If your industry isn’t really interested in email newsletters, it might be time to reconsider. Go, make some research and gather all data, that you need.
Moreover, there is lot of work behind each newsletter, and also things you should consider when you’re about to start with one. You need some proofread copy, compelling call-to-actions, clickable subject lines and lot of content or stuff going on in your company for a good newsletter. Let’s say you’ve found that you should do an email newsletter. What next?

  1. Harmony of the content
    Your email newsletter subscribers aren’t down to hear about your products and services 100% of the time. In your email newsletters, get rid of the self-promotion (most of the time) and focus on sending your subscribers educational, relevant information. Unless you actually have an exciting, big piece of news about your product, service, or company, leave out the promotional parts.
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  1. Creative subject lines
    Even if your subscribers sign up for your emails, there’s no guarantee that they will open your emails once they get them in their inbox. So, way of achieving is to create creative subject lines! Instead of having same subject line every day week, or month, try to have a different, creative, engaging subject line for each newsletter you send.

  2. Design & copy
    Concise copy is key. People don´t have that much time to read your newsletter so try to give as much information as you can, using the least amount of space possible. Concise copy gives your subscribers a taste of your content, just enough that they want to click and learn more. And Don’t forget about white space! White space is key in email newsletters because it helps visually alleviate the cluttered feel, and on mobile, makes it much easier for people to click the right link.

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