Copywriting Tips to Improve Your Email Campaign

Well-written email earns success - engages, builds a relationship, helps to sell. The subject matter and the first lines are important on whether your efforts end with success or fail. You don't have to be a professional copywriter to write great text. Just study the basic rules and then just write, write and write. Read our tips!

Grab attention with the subject
A superbly written subject will decide whether or not the recipient opens your email. In competition, other incoming mails must immediately engage.

Remember the following tricks:

5 tips, 4 reasons? Or 30 days to sell? Don't worry about the less traditional digits that often hit the eye the most.

A subject that ends in a question mark simply works. For a well-asked question, the addressees will reward you with an increased clickthrough rate.

Briefly, but strikingly
30 characters are enough, 65 is maximum. 5-6 words and done. The most interesting things can fit in 6 words.

Attractive and fresh
Lots of verbs, minimum of adjectives. Don't be afraid to shock a little. Motivate to read with joke and ingenuity. In a flood of other mails you have only a fraction of a second to grab reader’s attention.

Engage from the beginning
The struggle for the reader's attention does not end with emails subject. Exactly opposite! In the body of the text itself, you must tie reader to the monitor. Go straight to the point and focus the most important information up. Keep one clear thought and stick to it. Do not run, do not zigzag. You are not writing a detective story but a sales e-mail.

Action language
Avoid rigid phrases. Write fresh texts as if you were chatting with the customer in the queue in front of the cash register. Don't be afraid to use short sentences. Even shorter paragraphs.

Call to action
CTA or call-to-action is what you write an email for. This is where conversions arise. This is where your business starts. Always place it at the end of the text at least once. Help yourself with action verbs, play with it. Take care of the perfect customer experience.

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