4 reasons why you should use email marketing in your business

Get your customers buy from your e-shop regularly! How? Build a relationship that is worth it. Find out their needs, purchase behaviour and also what they miss and expect. Effective way of doing it is through e-mail marketing, which helps you to gain loyal customers, but on the other hand also support sales promotion.

Still underestimating power of e-mail marketing?

  • on average email marketing return on investment is 44:1
  • 72 % of people rather receive information from company through the email than social media
  • email is 40 times more effective when it comes to acquiring new customers compared with Facebook and Twitter

So why email marketing?

  1. Having a social media doesn’t mean you won
    Most marketers promote their business through both social media and email. Both are useful and you can get great results using either one, but which is more effective overall?

    Social media has become a major part of marketing plan. For companies it is easier to share updates and promotions through the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Social media are easy way how to grow you brand awareness in relatively quick way.

    On the other hand, email, is a bit older but is still very much alive. Most of the people consider it as less exciting way of promotion, however in many ways, email can be more effective than social media. How come?

    Apart from massive social media, email is more personal way of communication. While on social media the information might be missed, thanks to email distribution to the direct email address, customer is more likely to receive the information.

    You might be surprised that on average, one in five marketing emails gets opened, with a click-through rate of 3.57 %, while on Facebook; you can expect a click-through rate of a measly 0.07 %. Clearly, if you're trying to market as efficiently as possible, email is the way to go.
See also
  1. Best friend of content marketing
    Making an original content should not only engage and entertain your customer, but also bring some additional value. Content marketing is a strategical tool, which helps brand built a loyal and more memorable relationship with customers.

    That’s why it is so important to collect email addresses, and also to use them actively for sending well targeted emails.

  2. Increase visits and sells
    Email marketing in this way helps to increase visits on your website and provides regular visitors. There are certain ways how you can communicate such as:
    newsletters – regular news from company
    drip campaign – a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time
    occasional e-mails – such as birthdays, holiday, Christmas
    abandoned cart – reminds customer unfinished purchase
    reward for loyal customers – discounts
    feedback generated content

  3. Building a customer relationship
    While social media is best way how to attract new customers, email is the best way how to keep your current customer. While buying a new product, 66 % of customers prefer e-shop, which they know already.

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