5 Metrics You Should Track in Your Email Marketing Strategy

When it comes to email marketing, there are key numbers you should be watching.
These numbers can give you a clue of picture of how well your newsletter is doing, which’ll help you figure out whether you should be investing time in email newsletters. Do you know which one to track?

  1. Clickthrough
    Click rate is very important metrics. Tracking the number of clicks you get on newsletters over time is a great way to judge if your newsletter is useful. If your number is decreasing with every newsletter, you be better to rethink your strategy. Also, metrics enable you to find out which link in the email get the most clicks. All this can help you with your future strategy.

  2. Conversion rate
    Conversions is the percentage of email recipients who clicked on a link in email and completed desired action. It is one of the metrics that matters most when looking at email marketing success. The point of sending marketing email can be clicking on the link, making a purchase or filling out the form – this all can be considered as conversion.

  3. Delivery Rate
    Delivery is a metrics that tells whether or not a receiver accepts your email. This comes before the inbox or spam folder distinction. Delivery rate is the total number of emails sent minus the total number of bounces, divided by the total number of emails sent.

See also
  1. Open rate
    The email open rate is the best metric to tell you how effective your subject line is. Open rate is a metric that should be constantly monitored and improved upon. With MTARGET you can also test your subject lines with A/B testing, which enables you test beside subject lines also content and delivery time.

  2. Bounce rate
    There are two types of bounces. Soft, which refers to problem at recipient server or hard, which might be due to invalid or non-existing email address. Bounce rate is usually a content marketing metric. Keep your contact list clean, so there are no inactive addresses, otherwise your Bounce rate is likely to be high.

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