5 Psychological Tricks for Better Email Results

Use the principles of psychology and increase the effectiveness of email marketing.If you think about the way how your recipients think, you can apply everyday principles, so that users will open email, click through to landing pages more often, and convert more. Although not all the rules of interpersonal communication can stand the standards of online promotion, some methods are offered directly for email marketing.

How to use psychology?
In email marketing, everything is based on as much audience knowledge as possible. What do your recipients fear most and what are their needs? These are the basic questions you need to know the answers to. Only then can you start working with their psychology in e-mail.

Sometimes a small change in the text or a small change in the appearance of messages is sufficient for great results. For example, you can take inspiration from our five tips on how to include psychology in your email strategy:

• personalization
• social proof
• fear of failure
• urgency
• psychology of colours and images

Personalization is one of the most enchanting email marketing tools. Knowing what your recipients purchased, competing in, or responding to questionnaires will make it easier for you to create content-rich and valuable campaigns. Therefore, engage segmentation in your email, and then send messages only to those who really care about them.

Social proof
Surveys, according to surveys, make the most of people's opinions when making purchasing decisions. So if you have positive reviews of products and services or other positive feedback, don't hesitate to show them in your reports. Add positive responses to your email message or provide landing page references that visitors will click through from your emails. You'll multiply your conversions.

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Fear of missing out
Social proof is closely related to the term FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or “fear of failure”. FOMO also points to the success of the offer with others. Moreover, it emphasizes the fact that the recipient is not one of the few. The fear of being missed can be used in e-mail subjects like: “Already 500 people are subscribed to the webinar. What do you think? ”According to statistics, such an object increases the open rate by up to several percent.

Like fear of failure, the principle of urgency benefits from people's desire not to lose anything important. The result is a variety of time-limited and last minute events or alerts on the last items in stock. The urgency works in several cases, whether it is a mention in the message text or a warning on the target product page. And of course increases the open rate if you bet on it in the subject. Typical announcements "Only X items in stock" or "You only have a chance until midnight tonight".

Choice of colors and pictures
Color marketing is commonly used in marketing. You can also try it in your reports, depending on what your message is about. For example, the green or blue elements soothe, while the red color awakens strong emotions and provokes action. Black evokes a sense of luxury and pink is targeted primarily at women and girls.

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