5 Signs That Indicate Your Company Needs Email Automation

When compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is a channel that brings the most conversions in a business. But, there are still many people who are getting hard to manage email marketing so that there are often technical errors, such as forget to send emails, lack of segmentation, didn't update contact database, and so on.

If the company has no time to take care of technical matters via email, then the sign that the company has required email automation. Next we summarize 5 signs that indicate that the company requires email automation.

  1. Feeling lack of time
    Lack of time is the first sign that companies need email automation. This is because they feel the team has worked optimally, but the email marketing that is carried out always feels less.

  2. The marketing strategy is no longer effective
    Marketing is considered no longer effective when a lot of costs are incurred, but conversions that are obtained tend to decrease. With email automation, companies can send emails according to a predetermined segment, besides that content can also be adjusted to the target market automatically. This can increase the possibility of increased conversions.

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  1. Trapped routines
    When the team feels the routine feels boring and kills creativity, it also becomes a sign that a company needs email automation. This method can help the team to explore other things more creatively, not only in the routine of sending email and segmentation.

  2. The list of contacts increases, but not the email metrics
    One of the things that often happens is that the contact list increases, but not with email metrics, such as open rate and click through rates. This usually happens because so many emails are not active. To anticipate this, email automation is needed to provide an audience deadline for opening email sent. If it matches the time limit, then the email list can be maintained.

  3. There are no repeat orders
    Businesses are considered good when they have high repeat order rates. Companies can get repeat orders through engagement by greeting, asking questions and giving customers the latest information. In order to increase customer engagement, an email automation is needed, so email will automatically be sent, without the need to send it manually. The fewer repeat orders that a company gets, indicating that more companies also need email automation.

That is 5 signs that indicate a company needs email automation. If a company experiences one of these signs, you should start planning to use email automation. MTARGET has an email automation feature that can help you send email to customers more easily.

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