5 Trends in Email Marketing You Need to Know

Just like our customers, environment and market change, also marketing tend to keep up with them. Though email marketing doesn’t tend to get the same buzz as social media, email still delivers extraordinarily good results for marketers. Email marketing has been steadily effective for so long that an important fact about it is often overlooked: it’s still evolving. How?

  1. **Personalization **
    Did you know that email with personalized lines is 26 % more likely to be opened? We live in era of personalization. Personalized messages are key to connect with your customers and are more important than ever. For example, addressing your customers by their first name doesn’t just appeal to their ego but also satisfy their need to feel unique. Also, make your emails more human, try to speak on the same level as your customer, not like a sales machine.

  2. Interactivity
    Everyday our inbox turns into battlefield and your email needs to be the one that catch the attention of customer. Campaigns tend to be rather static than dynamic, so try to make it more interactive and catchier for customer. Get creative with interactive elements that you can add such as carousels, hamburger menu or navigational anchors.

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  1. Video content
    Video is expected to make up 80 % of all Internet traffic by the end of 2019. More than 50 % people want to see more video content from marketers. Video can increase engagement with your brand and also can help to convert customers. Nowadays email platforms make it easier to deliver high quality visual pieces in campaigns, so why not to use it?

  2. Targeted Messages
    Well targeted email leads to better open rates, which increase customer interactions and also ROI. Targeted messages are highly personalized emails to a specific segment of your list. But to use targeted email marketing correctly, you need to segment your audience. Four most common segmentation areas are: geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioural.

  3. Artificial intelligence
    Artificial intelligence has greatly expanded what we can achieve through email marketing, driving conversions and enabling enhanced personalization. AI can be one step ahead of great copywriters by optimizing subject lines for clicks. Also, it can helps you optimize content in various email formats. Moreover, predictive analytics will help to identify future engagement based on past conversations.

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