Email Marketing for Non-Profit Organization

Who said that non-profit organization can’t use email marketing?

Email marketing actually be an effective way to increase revenue from your non-profit organization. Why? Because email marketing is very easy, effective and very cheap to spread the latest news or information from your non-profit organization to readers.

Not only that, here we provide six ways to use email marketing to help develop your non-profit organization.

1. Increase income of your non-profit organization
The advantage of using email marketing is that you can personalize email. It will be very helpful if communication is carried out on a large scale (read also Personalized Email). Make sure your donors know about what you are doing and how they can provide assistance.

2. Educate your audience about their influence
When donors start contributing to your non-profit organization, you can ask them whether they are willing to participate as a member of your newsletter list. So you can ensure donors get information about their contributions that have been very helpful. By doing this you will give satisfaction to the donors, because they know that what is donated is a useful thing.

3. Invite donors to attend your next event
Holding an event or special event is one of the best ways to raise awareness and donation rates according to your goals. Make sure that the event you are about to hold is on the donor's calendar by giving them an email event invitation.

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4. Make donors prioritize their donations
For example, if someone gives a donation to UNICEF, then UNICEF will include the person in the welcome email series containing content that helps and reminds them to make other donations in the future. Emails sent to remind donors will help you get donations on other things, and also help donors know when they can make a donation.

5. Take back the old donors
Someone who has ever made a donation tends to do it again, but of course this does not guarantee they will become donors continuously. Create a list of people who have donated before. Invite them to your next event or offer them to make other contributions.

You can include sentences like what was done by the Asthma Foundation written on their email engagement: "We appricate the generous donations you made this year. We're asking you to help us again."

6. Celebrate important days
People feel happy to share their happiness with others. Saying a happy birthday or being aware of your donor's important dates can be an opportunity to attract donors to make their donations.

That is the six ways that can be used to develop non-profit organizations. Getting intrested in email marketing?

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