Email Time Management: When The Best Time to Send Emails?

In email marketing, we follow the unwritten rule that if people don't open email within 48 hours, they probably don't care anymore. Therefore, it is much better to send messages just when they are ready for them. But are there any hours of the day or days of the week that break records at the rate of opening?

Different situations may affect results:

• distribution by day of the week,
• distribution by time of day,
• distribution by email type.

Day week
According to CoSchedule statistics, which measured the most successful posting times, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were the winning days of the week. However, this does not automatically mean that they should work 100 % for you. Of course, you may find it useful as an inspiration to start with, but later you should evaluate the habits of your target group yourself. The right day to send e-mails usually varies according to the workload of the customer, assuming how they spend their working day or weekend, etc.

Time of day
According to CoSchedule, 6, 10, 14 or a range of 20-24 hours are the best times of day. But again, it is best to consider whether your typical customer, by the nature of their job, has time at 10 am, having coffee after the first work block in the office, or rather in the evening, resting at home with the phone in hand.

In the case of the time of day it is important to note the openness of open rate. A typical example is when a recipient opens a message quickly on a mobile phone during a day, because he / she beeps. But when he finds out what's going on in a flood of work, he closes the e-mail and probably won't return to it later. This is also the reason why you will have to check out the appropriate time of day for e-mailing.

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Type of Email
Considering your best days and times, consider whether certain topics might be more interesting to the recipient at a particular time - for example, with the approaching weekend or hour of the day. In both newsletters and campaigns, regularity and satisfactory sending intensity are important. It is not a good idea to discourage recipients from sending them too often; on the other hand, they rarely forget who they receive them from when they send emails.

Timings should also be appropriate for promotions and promotions. It is advisable to send a notice about limited offers in advance or just in time (exclusive events).

The main thing is to try and build a relationship
Surveys like CoSchedule can be a good source of inspiration. However, it is better than blindly measuring others to consider your own target audience and test - use A/B testing and build on segments. If your typical customer is using social networking, it is not a matter of following their activity there. Without knowing your customers, you will not move in terms of email sending time, or in terms of defining your target and what applies to it. Therefore, test, think, and if you are not sure at all, start sending on a weekday morning.

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