Get To Know Email Marketing Feature in MTARGET Dashboard

Email marketing become a new marketing trend. With email marketing, we can send emails to some consumers who have subscribed. MTARGET has an email marketing feature that can help you to maximize your business. What can be done with MTARGET email marketing feature?

1. Email Composer

Create email design according to your taste, starting from text elements, images, buttons, columns, and links easily. If you already have your own email design, you can import it via HTML email. But if you don't have your own email design, MTARGET provides email design template that can be used. In addition, add the social media account information, so customers can visit your company's social media account.

2. Email Personalization

Send email by using personal tags and emojis to leave personal impression on the contents email. Personal tags like names of contacts that have been saved with a specific label. Just type {fullname} for the customer's full name, {firstname} for the customer's first name, {lastname} for the customer's last name, and {company} for the company name. So you don't have to bother recording the customer's email name manually.

3. A/B Testing

Before sending an email, please do a test first through A/B Testing. With A/B Testing, you can send 2 test emails based on a comparison of subject, content or delivery time before sending an email.

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4. Schedule Delivery

Set the time for sending email so it can be sent at the time that suits your needs. Schedule it, and let the email sent automatically.

5. Mobile Friendly Email Display

Most people will open their email via smartphone. You can ascertain what users will see on the desktop and mobile before the shipping process. The goal is to ensure that email can be viewed through a smartphone.

6. Analysis Responses

Monitor the results of the email response that has been sent, in the form of percentage open rate, bounce rate, time used by the user to open e-mail, location and much more. Analysis responses like this can be useful for you to analyze the customer segmentation that will be targeted and plan for the next email delivery.

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