MTARGET help PT Indosterling increase their revenue through personalizations

Easy-to-use tools with complete supporting features

PT IndoSterling Asset Management - More effective and more measurable results campaign. Since starting its partnership with MTARGET in early 2020, PT IndoSterling Aset Manajemen has been running various email marketing campaigns with the support features of MTARGET, which as stated by Supriyadi (Chief Information Officer of PT IndoSterling Aset Manajemen) that while using MTARGET as an email marketing tool, they are quite helpful in managing the audience data to carry out an email marketing campaign.

One of the features that are a mainstay of MTARGET customers is managing campaigns including Advance Segmentation and the Customer Insight feature. This feature makes it easier for the marketing team to segment the database in large numbers and send campaigns that are relevant to customers, so that the results are more measurable because MTARGET’s customer insight feature provides real time email campaign reports.

In addition to its complete and easy-to-use features, PT IndoSterling was also helped with various features for their email marketing campaign needs. For example, form and page features that help customers get new leads, which can then be processed based on the leads interest and behavior with the Advance Segmentation feature, where customers can provide more relevant content to their customers.

After the submission of the campaign is complete, customers can view the performance reports of their email marketing campaigns. MTARGET also has an email automation feature that can be used to automate email based on predefined triggers. This certainly makes it easier for the marketing team to send emails quicker and automatically.

What they say about MTARGET

"The software is easy to use, the delivery of campaigns is more effective because of the segmentation feature, making it easier for us to send campaigns that match the target audience, as well as more measurable campaign reports" - Supriadi, Chief Information Officer of PT IndoSterling Aset Manajemen.