How to Create Successful Landing Page

The landing page is the first place on your website that a customer clicks through - typically via email or paid advertising. This page only has the goal of converting, which is typically a purchase, download an e-mail, or fill out a login form. Do you know how to use landing pages for better results of your email marketing?

Landing page is not a home page
While a classic home page often serves more as a guidepost, a landing page has one particular purpose. This could be the purchase of certain promoted goods or even sign up for a newsletter. The strength of landing pages lies above all in maximum simplicity. The easier navigation for customer, the higher conversions you get.

Higher conversions and better ranking
Landing pages allow you to give the visitor all the important information about your offer. Although the recommended length of the texts varies from case to case, there shouldn’t be missing essential message that help to convince the visitor to take an action.

Landing pages are always customized - you are not limited, for example, by the product pages on your website. Tailor them to each offer, and last but not least, offer more advertising options than regular sites. Therefore, landing pages are also better referred to.

Plus, with statistical tools like Google Analytics, you can easily see which promotion works better for you, which services are the most interesting, and in which direction it is unlikely to continue.

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More Landing Pages on one site?
One site can have multiple landing pages, even larger projects are desirable. However, such an approach requires increased caution regarding the obsolescence of information. The more landing pages you have on your site, the more you need to control them for updates.

Always consider the topic that brought visitors to your site - if they click through your ad for a product, they must definitely be able to buy it on the landing page immediately. It is also advisable to create landing pages for different customer trips, different purchasing phases or different target groups. Check them below!

For different customer trips
You will prepare different landing page for visitors who click through a PPC ad on the web, another one for the recipients of your email. By knowing beforehand how they got to the site, you can better prepare for them and "serve" them a customized offer.

For the various purchasing phases
A visitor is just interested in your industry and wants to download an e-book with general information, or is it a future prospective customer ready to buy? Prepare a separate landing page for a call for competition, another for an online training session, or as a sales page for a product.

For different target groups
Landing pages can be linked to your segmentation and be tempted to take action according to a specific type of customer. Someone is easier to reconcile with a few form windows, while others have maximum simplicity and inviting graphics.

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