How to Gain New Contacts

A well-functioning email marketing cannot work without an up-to-date database of your own contacts. Building a quality database is not easy. Database is very valuable, and company protects it as an eye in the head. Just getting started with email or want to expand your contact list? Below are some tips on getting new contacts.

Classic form
The basic method is to add a simple “subscribe newsletter” form to your site. This is a stable form that you always have on the web so that your customer can subscribe to your newsletter any time. It's important to create your text creatively to engage with your customers.

Pop-up form
They still work. But think about the content and display. Set the view to bother the visitor as little as possible while showing up at the right time. Pop-ups are most useful after a few pages have been loaded or after a certain amount of time had been spent on the page. Also, the pop-up window can be effective when a customer wants to leave the page. However, feel free to test your impressions and content. This is the best way to find out what is right for your customers.

The e-books have experienced big boom lately. But be careful about the content. If you plan to create an e-book with the primary goal of collecting contacts quickly and easily and the content has not high quality, choose a different type of contact collection.

See also

Questions, chat, comments
Some companies are prompting their users to adjust an email address before making a request or commenting on their site. Consider adding this requirement to your site as well.

Quick questionnaire
For these “quick surveys” we recommend asking only one question. You can use a pop-up window for research. Always try to justify your question. For example: “We would like to send you a birthday present. What is your date of birth?”

Facebook Lead Ads
Use a sponsored post on Facebook or Instagram to collect contacts. The process of collecting contacts is similar to the classic web form. The advantage, however, is that the user does not have to fill in his data, but Facebook "pre-fill" for him and the user just confirms his consent. This make it easier to register on mobile devices.

Popular methods of collecting contacts are undoubtedly contests. However, think carefully about the content of the contest and see your return on investment. Compared to other collection methods, you are likely to get more contacts, but a relatively large percentage of contacts may not bring you anything in the future.

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