How to Get Better Results with Personalization?

Did you know that personalized emails are 6 times higher transaction rates? Customized mail is more tempting to open, read, and execute a conversion action. Also, try send messages that make your customer feel like you know and speak to them.

4 personalization tips

To target properly, collect and organize the information you need. Only then you have the chance to hit the customer's tastes, delight them and create a relationship that will eventually increase your sales.

You can customize both text and content:

  • Start customizing in the subject
    Use the recipient's name or use other information from the recipient.

  • Use salutation
    Do not be afraid to surprise and reach the customer in a homely form of his name.

  • Personalize message content
    Send email by gender, age, interests, or recent purchases.

  • Sign
    Or give a contact to the person the reader can contact.

How to get information?
Filling your first name when subscribing to the newsletter does not stop there. Especially for sending especially customized content is necessary data collection and subsequent segmentation.

Let the recipient fill out some information about yourself from time to time. If you got his trust, he will confide in you a little easier.

Take advantage of your shopping history. Watch what the customer bought and offer goods similar to (red boots, red purse), or different items (no one will buy two washing machines per month but dryer for a new washing machine, perhaps yes).

No move without insight
Do you think there will be anything on personal messages? So start collecting data, segmenting and personalizing as soon as possible. But we have one more piece of advice: be sure not to try all of this manually.Personalize automatically with the email tool. It monitors all the data it receives to target all mail.

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