How To Get Revenue from Email Marketing

Email is proven to be a channel marketing that produces the highest Return on Investment (ROI). According to a survey of DMA, every $1 you spend will provide ROI of $38. But, not just sending emails, the company's revenue will automatically increase. Email marketing must be fully utilized to get maximum results.

This is how to get revenue through email marketing.

  1. Selling Products via Email
    The first step is by sending email the catalog of products, or providing special promotions via email. But, don’t let every email sent only promotions. Providing the latest tips or updates about the company can also be done as a promotional email interlude.

  2. Repeat the Same Promo
    From promos that have been sent via email, see which ones more popular. For example 50% discount, or buy one free one. Repeating the same promo will get more profits through email marketing. But, don't do this too often, just a few times a year.

  3. Selling Product at Thank You Page
    Thank you page can be the right way to get closer to the customer (the full reason can be read here). Apart from that, also use thank you page to sell products. So, when someone buys something from an email and gets a thank you page, we recommend to entering the offer in it.

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  1. Cross Selling
    When someone buys product, you should email another offering product that still related to the previously product purchased. This is what cross selling means. For example, offering shoes after a customer buys clothes.

  2. Down Selling
    There are many reasons why someone who buys a product doesn’t proceed to payment, one of the reason is because prices are not as expected. The way you can get them back is send an email, containing a special discount for the product.

  3. Create a Paid Subscription
    Making paid subscriptions helps you to get revenue from email marketing. But not all people can pay just to get an email from you. The content provided in e-mail must be in the form of premium content that will benefit the subscribers.

  4. Make Special Training
    If your business sells services, conducting special training and sharing it via email is the right way. From email, you can find out who need training.

The seven ways above can be tried from now. Before starting to get revenue from e-mail marketing, the first thing you need is to build e-mail contacts (read it here).

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