How to Save Your Time Through Automation

The basis of effective email marketing is automation, without which your efforts will be halved. Sending e-mails based on e-book downloads or automated birthday cards allows the use of so-called autoresponders and triggers. Do you know why they are so important in e-mailing?

What is an autoresponder
An autoresponder is an email sent automatically based on an action - such as subscribing to a newsletter, creating an order, or otherwise showing interest in the content on your site. At that moment, email will be automatically sent as autoresponder - an email that can standalone, but at the same time only the first of a series of automated email campaigns.

Examples of the most used autoresponders
• Welcome email or e-mail series after subscribing to the newsletter.
• Thank you for ordering or downloading content.
• Transaction email - invoice, order confirmation.
• E-mail training or other educational campaign to guide the customer through the shopping cycle; at the end, the beneficiary is asked to carry out the action (purchase, order service).
• Greeting card for birthday or holiday.

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Why automatic campaigns?
The advantage of autoresponders is that they are time-eating just at the very beginning. Once you've set up all automatic emails, they'll always be sent to the right recipients, depending on their settings. Unlike newsletters, you don't have to think about them regularly, and in the end, you save a lot of time, money and, of course, nerves.

Typical autoresponders are automated learning series, sending interesting content or tips on articles and products based on interest segmentation. Also popular are upsell series, which represent the advantages of a product or service - in the end they will receive a discount coupon. You can also use autoresponders to research the customer's interests and preferences and then send additional messages.

How to create autoresponders?
One option is to create more complex, interrelated e-mail sending processes, with the tool flexibly responding to recipient actions. So, it depends on what content people download, how they click through a call-to-action, and so on. As a result, campaign scenarios are continually edited and sent to them to meet their needs as much as possible.

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