This is How to Start Email Marketing with 6 Steps

In 2016, Indonesia has more than 130 million email users. So, email is a marketing area that can't be missed. However, it turns out there are still some companies who don't know how to start email marketing. In this article, we will share information about how to start an email marketing so that every campaign becomes successful.

  1. Choose the Right Email Marketing Tools
    In starting email marketing, the first thing to do is to choose and subscribe to email marketing tools. Doing this will ensure that you no longer need to send emails one by one, but send multiple emails at once. Not only that, most email marketing tools offer other features such as templates, contact management, and email tracking features, such as those owned by MTARGET.

  2. Collect Contact Lists
    After selecting the email marketing tools, the next thing to do is to collect the email contacts that will be sent. There are so many ways to collect contacts, which can be read here. Gathering contacts can't be done instantly, such as by buying an email list.

We strongly don't recommend buying email lists, because email recipients will feel they have never given their email and the email you sent will be marked as a spam by them. It's better to send emails with less contact than to people who don't even know your business.

  1. Design Your Email as Attractive as Possible
    Use the email template provided by the email marketing tools, such as MTARGET. One of the advantages by using MTARGET is that every design that has been created can be stored in the Template Manager and ready to be duplicated at any time.
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  1. Write Email Content
    The main purpose of sending email to consumers is so that consumers can understand the information that we convey. But, making persuasive content cannot be done with a single try. A training process is needed to make email content more persuasive.
    For simplicity, you can divide the email into 3 important parts:
    • Headline (what do you offer)
    • Fill in the email (a description of how ‘headline’ can help the reader)
    • Call to action (tell the customer what to do next)

Not only email content, also take the time to create an e-mail subject. As additional tips, make the subject of the email as short as possible, no more than 40 characters.

  1. Email Sending Test
    If you already have an email ready (with design and interesting content), test your email before sending it to all subscribers. The aim is to check whether there are still errors or deficiencies in the email that has been made. This is also to see whether the email sent will be spam or not. If everything is perfect, go to the next step.

  2. Send Email
    One thing to note in this step is timing. Research is needed to determine when the best time to send an email. After getting the right time, make sure to always be consistent when sending emails.

Those are some steps that can be taken in starting email marketing, starting from choosing the most appropriate tools to the delivery process. Good luck!

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