How to Start Using Instagram for Your Business

Do you want to generate new leads, boost brand awareness, and reach a new audience o? Read tips how to set up a successful Instagram profile!

Why is Instagram valuable?

Instagram is the third largest social network in the world, behind Facebook and YouTube. With 1000 million users, Instagram is larger than every country in the world except two - China and India. Simply put, Instagram is an easel on which businesses paint a picture
of their brand, products, services, company culture, growth, consumer base, and personality. Instagram is powerful because it capitalizes on the strength of visual content in marketing.

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. It’s more accustomed to processing images, given that 90 % of all information sent to the brain is visual. Also, 57 % of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media. That means Instagram could be an untapped sales funnel for your business. Instagram serves as a unique way for businesses to visually connect with and market to their audience.

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Building an Instagram Strategy

To truly optimize your account and activity, you should create an Instagram strategy. This strategy will help you come up with new posts when inspiration runs dry. Ask yourself few questions.

What’s the purpose of your Instagram account?

Is it a place for you to promote your products? Do you use it to improve brand awareness? Do you aim to increase your follower count and engagement levels?

Who is your target audience?

What’s their age, location, and interests? What makes them tick? You need to have a clear idea of who you’re targeting. This way, you can create posts that can make viewers stop and stare. One way you can understand your audience is by checking out the profiles of your competitor’s followers. You can also visit the profiles of online users who use the hashtags you’re targeting.

How will you promote your brand?

Do you want to show off the nice things clients have to say about your brand? Do you use your account to promote discounts and giveaways? Think about the type of posts you’ll publish. This will come in handy when you and your team create a social media plan.

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