MTARGET Help PPM Management in More Effectively Managing Database

Tools that helped in managing database more effectively.

PPM management has a large amount of databases, therefore PPM has quite a problem in operating and managing the databases. The first thing that MTARGET can help is by managing their databases with the segmentation feature. Through this process, we can start identification to sort out which customers are loyal or have less interactions.

Despite helping with the segmentation feature, MTARGET has also helped PPT to prepare emails that are interactive, attractive and variable with the personalization email marketing feature. Then, with various contents that have been made, we can combine the data segmentation that has been prepared before, so it can produce a powerful email marketing campaign, as the personalization is deep enough. With good personalization, the more chance of customer loyalty to occur as the contents provided are relevant.

What they say about MTARGET

“We have a large amount of databases and we don’t know how to manage it at first. As we meet MTARGET, we can finally find new ways in getting to know our customers better, and give engagement activities to our clients” Mira Nur Mutia, Corporate Communication Manager PPM Management.

See the video here.