Prepare Your Website for Email Marketing: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Email marketing is not just about sending emails, but also about linking multiple elements. One of the most important is your site. This is where you will probably be collecting contacts, and it is where the readers of your messages will most likely click through.

That's why work on perfect e-mails is superfluous without well-prepared pages. Which 4 things should you watch on your website?

Tune the newsletter box

Newsletter box is a form on the website or blog, through which visitors subscribe to the newsletter. How much people really sign in is determined by its location or appealing look.

Place the newsletter box in a convenient, visible place on your website. People most often search for it at the bottom of the page, so it should not be missing in the footer as well. The newsletter box tempting to subscribe should be appealing, tasteful and nicely aligned with your site.

People must realize what it is. Therefore, it should also contain a clear statement of what visitors will get and what they need to do. Be playful, funny or minimalist - whatever fits your brand and has the potential. With a well-tuned newsletter box, your contacts move much faster.

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Optimize landing page

If you have correctly defined your email marketing strategy, you should already have your goals clear. This tells you exactly where your email recipients will click through.

The pages the customer first reach through the clickthrough are called landing pages. If you still don't have one, it's best time to create them. If you already have a landing page ready, revise it to meet its purpose and get maximum conversion.

This is achieved mainly by making them as easy to navigate as possible and immediately recognizing what customer need. Once you've managed to get customer on the web, it would be a pity to lose them by failing to make landing pages clear.

Follow the 2 % rule

Even the simplest form should bring you a 2 % conversion. This is the limit of what is generally considered "still functional" in marketing. The average for more experienced marketers and well-tuned campaigns can then climb to about 10 %. And with landing page alone, there is no problem reaching 70 %.

You can simply calculate your conversions from impression statistics (or traffic), and you should always increase your conversions. First of all, make sure you have enough contacts, for example, within a year.

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