Bulls Eyes: Smart is NOT Enough - Norman Sasono, CTO DANA Indonesia

Everyone is now smart, everyone has graduated from good universities, everyone can access the internet, and smart has become a level of playing field. So it is not rare, something that is hard to find, smart is a commodity.

We can always get smart guys. Finally, some things that we need to notice important things (but not mean smart is not important, smart is leaders, smart is mandatory, is the level of playing field, is what we need to pass the bar. And after we passed the bar, we need other quality).

The first thing to highlight is Hard Work. Sounds boring, sounds may find that intimidating, some may be hated, but it is true. The problem in the market, everyone is smart, if everyone is equally smart, how we're going to be singled out from the crowd, how we can win in the competition, and how can be the best? The only way to be different is when are those that we're willing to put in the work. Who will work more, who will work harder, this guy is who will win. And the other problem is not many realize that.

The second one is Discipline. Sometimes we work smart, we work hard, but sometimes we don't feel like we are tired, we don't feel motivated. Motivation is where out, somedays you're motivated, somedays you're not. To rely on motivation is not a good strategy. So, motivation is good to get us to start, however, to keep us going motivation is not enough, because motivation is where out. So to keep us will keep going is discipline.

Sometimes when we don't even have the motivation or when we don't feel good, but if we have the discipline we just know the something is we need to do, and we decide we have to do this. If we just do it, we keep moving, and our goal to achieve.

The last part is Resilience. We will be down, we will be knocked out, we will be knockdown, but how can get back up again, and go back that is resilient! Resilience is not we never go down, but how to get back up again and face the challenge.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face - Mike Tyson
We cannot calm down the storm, but we can have, and we control is ourselves. So, we can calm ourselves down in the storm. - Norman Sasono

Smart is just we need to pass the bar, but to replay in the game smart is the level of playing field, we need to do hard work, and rely on discipline, we need to work on and train on our resilience.

So, how to find out how to further maximize our potential and be the win? Here Norman Sasono will share his experience.