The Difference Between Email Marketing and Email Automation

At a glance, email marketing and email automation look the same, because both of them use email as the main axis of the process. To make it easy, if you make one email marketing then sent to all contacts or to a certain label, in e-mail automation, email will be automatically sent if the contact performs a certain action. To understand differences between email marketing and email automation we have been summarized in this article.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is one channel that is still widely used by marketers. The basic process of email marketing is sending mass emails to contacts owned by the company. The types of emails sent vary, from promotional emails, tips and tricks, or email information. Every email sent aims to continue to maintain the relationship between business and customers.

As a digital version of a letter that comes to someone's home, making email marketing is much cheaper than spreading brochures. But, nowadays email marketing has evolved and that is not just about sending mass emails. Most email marketing tools (such as MTARGET have provided features so that emails are sent more personal and segmented.)

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Email Automation
When you install the subscribe form on the website, then there is someone who fills it, it will be very inconvenient if the welcome greeting email, or a thank you email must be sent one by one. Sending email automatically when someone does a certain trigger, this is what is meant by email automation.

In email marketing, every time you want to send an email, compose the email then send it to the specified contact. But in email automation, you create one scenario, then the content of the email will be automatically sent. Every time someone triggers the email will automatically be sent.

There are many types of emails that can be sent via email automation, but usually email types like welcome email, birthday email, or other emails that require more than one email to follow up.

Both email marketing and email automation are just as important for business. Both have their roles in marketing activities. MTARGET provides both features on the same dashboard. If you want to better understand how to use and how both can help businesses, it's a good idea to take advantage of the 14 days free trial that has been provided.

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