Episode 4 - 21 Jul 2022

The Art of Enjoying the Process

aries lukman from IPI Sunijaya

We all have things in our life we've never been able to do because we don't have the time or because it's too difficult. But there is a way to enjoy the process as well, which is through patience and commitment. Watch more of Aries Lukman enjoying the process.

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Having different work backgrounds and passions makes Aries Lukman understand that enjoying a process is the key to achieving a goal. That is the picture of how Aries Lukman is currently, where he is better known as a Mobile Photographer compared to his main job which is contrary to his passion.

Looking back at Aries Lukman 12 years ago, in 2010 to be exact, Aries founded a photography community known as iPhonesia. It was in this community that Aries began to feel the excitement of the world of photography, and in 2012 iPhonesia was turned into a business and entered the world of the creative industry. In it, he learns how to create and run a campaign, event, and other marketing activities.

The hope is that this business can be successful based on passion, can influence many people, and have a large market. However, hope remains hope, because, in 2022, iPhonesia is currently not running as a company, but running as a community.

In 2015-2016 Aries decided to help a family business that was contrary to his passion and background. And that's when he found something that he still needed the activity of taking pictures because he considered this to be his charisma, and it trained him to have creative eyes in taking pictures.

And without realizing it, it helps his photography skills improve drastically because he enjoys taking pictures. In addition, as long as he gets out of his comfort zone, he begins to build his confidence that his shooting skills have indeed improved. For several years passed, until 2019, he was trusted to be one of the Smartphone Brand Ambassadors (OPPO).

This achievement would not have been possible if in 2015 he left the world of photography and only focused on his business. However, because he considers photography to be his catharsis, he unconsciously takes photos consistently and enjoys enjoying the activity. The key to success is enjoying the process. Watch the full story here.

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