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Email Marketing

You can do email marketing activities for interact and promote to customers personally. The highlight of MTARGET email marketing feature:
  • Simple design. Email marketing design with WYSIWYS composer that easy to use with a variety of components, or from the templates we provide.
  • Mobile friendly email. You can ensure that the emails that you send will appear as they are when accessed through a desktop or mobile device.
  • Complete report. See the response and activity of the email recipient, the quantity of emails opened, links clicked and other information that you can manage for segmentation.
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Email Automation

What if the thing you should do manually can run automatically? With visual scenario composer in MTARGET, you can determine how your email can be sent automatically. This is the highlights of the feature in the MTARGET email automation:
  • Email series. You can send email series based on the time that you specify automatically by triggering the email activity you sent earlier.
  • Email response. With a form trigger, you can send an automatic response email to confirm after the customer enters the data on the form.
  • Birthday email. With time data stored, you can send automated email with time triggers such as birthday greetings or monthly reminders.
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Interactive Form

Customer data acquisition through MTARGET Interactive Form. Create a form for subscriber data acquisition, create event registration forms, and conduct surveys. This is the highlight in MTARGET Interactive Form feature:
  • You can create forms for various needs with various form components such as single form entries, multiple choices, etc.
  • If you already have your own form system, you can connect with the MTARGET API form to get the benefits of the features in MTARGET.
  • You can manage your responder form easily and group contacts with an effective labeling system.
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Landing Page

Publish your marketing program through MTARGET Landing Page. Easy to make and distribute anywhere and can be integrated with analytical tools. This is the highlight in MTARGET Landing Page feature:
  • Drag & Drop composer. Design landing page in MTARGET as easy as drag & drop with many component design.
  • Share everywhere. Distribute your landing page with url or QR Code, embed to your website or display as a pop up window.
  • Optimize your landing page with the integration of direct chat WhatsApp to chat directly, FB Pixel for tracking Facebook audience or Google Analytics for analysis of visits.
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Social Media Management

Manage the posting of your business's social media account with enough access to MTARGET Social Media Management. Schedule posts and see the summary of interactions. This is the highlight of MTARGET Social Media Management feature:
  • Multi platform. Manage posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts simultaneously in one dashboard.
  • Easy schedule. Schedule the right time to upload your marketing content simultaneously.
  • See report. Check the summary report to see how effective your content from the number of interaction such as likes or comments that you can see in the summary report.
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Contact Management

Segment customers with an efficient labeling system at MTARGET. The highlights of MTARGET Contact Management feature:
  • You can save the contact database more organized and avoid duplicated contact with MTARGET labeling system.
  • With Custom Field, you can add fields to contacts according to your needs and desires.
  • You can find out all the contacts in more detail, contacts with active status, pending, unsubscribe, and hardbounce.

Add-on Feature MTARGET

Transactional Email

You can create an email system for your application by integrating MTARGET via MTARGET email transactional feature.
  • Easy Email System Integrations. With complete documentation, technical integration between systems can be easily done.
  • Fitur email MTARGET. Send emails that integrated with the application system through transactional email, with the same composing standards in MTARGET email marketing feature.
  • Statistic. You can monitor complete email delivery statistics with responses such as open, click and many more.

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