Email Automation Features

MTARGET various top features will help you
in sending email automatically.

Email Marketing Features

You can still use the Email Marketing features in MTARGET Email Automation features, from email personalization, templates, easy-to-use email composer, and email reports.

Scenario Composer

In MTARGET scenario composer, you can prepare a series of emails that will be sent in conditions : If the previous email has been sent, opened, the link has been clicked, unsubscribed customers, and other filters that you can plan.

Form Responses

You can prepare response emails to audiences when they fill your form. It will be used for sending automated feedback emails and creating a series of emails for the customers that subscribed your newsletter.

Triggered Email

You can send a series of email with a triggered email which based on the conditions set on the previous email. Perhaps you're planning to send a follow-up email only to audiences that opened your email, or other conditions that you can create more.

Birthday Email

Make your audiences feel special by sending them your personalized birthday messages. You can send birthday emails based on contact birthday data. Everything is much easier with automated emails.

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