Email Marketing Features

MTARGET various top features will help you
in sending email marketing.

WYSIWUS Email Composer

Create your very own customized emails. You can add the text, images, buttons, columns, links, or change the email design easily and practically.

Email Templates

If it's difficult for you to create a new one, we provide email templates of various categories, and we keep adding new templates for you.

A/B Testing

Increase your potential reach of emails by sending 2 emails test based on subject comparison, content or delivery time before mass delivery.

Import HTML Email

In addition to using pre-provided templates, you can also import email design from an HTML file.

Personal Tag Code & Emoji 

Although you send email to multiple recipients, don't give impression that they receive a broadcast message. We provide a feature to make your email to be personally well received.

Content Generator

Instant! Setting up newsletter content is as easy as copying blog or video’s urls to be generated into newsletter content with MTARGET content generator feature.

File Download

Attach your document to File Manager and share it through the download feature to send an email with file or document attached.

25+ Social Media Actions

By adding social media informations, your subscribers can visit your social media accounts or share your email content.


You can design your email and send them based on delivery schedule that you have set up. For example, setting the schedule of an email campaign that you've prepared today to be delivered by next week. While you're on holiday, our scheduling tool will do the work.

Mobile Friendly Email Display

Most people opened their email on a mobile device. With responsive layouts, you can ensure what the user will see on desktop and mobile before you send the email.

Response Analytics

By using our reporting system, you can check delivery rate, open rate, click rate for emails, links, time, location, and other variables which you can use for audience segmentation.

Contact Segmentations

Manage data from email delivery reports into segmented contact groups for next targeted email plan.

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