Page Feature

Create a simple Landing Page
to be a substitute for a website.

Easy Page Composer

Create your landing page easily. You can add the text, images, buttons, columns, links, contents, forms and other elements easily and practically.

As Form Publisher

Publish the form you have set up in MTARGET Form using Page feature. You can publish the form to web page, as a pop-up or embed.

Facebook Pixel

You can integrate your Facebook Pixel Ads code on the pages you created with MTARGET Page. You can also retarget your subscribers from MTARGET Page.

Google Analytics

MTARGET Page is not only integrated with Facebook Ads, but also integrated with Google Analytics to support your needs. And you can monitor the visit to your landing page to get the most out of performance result.

SEO support

Page in MTARGET is supported with keyword indexing that you can use to make your pages indexed more in search engines.

Custom Domain

We provide URL address for each page you create with MTARGET Page. You can change to use custom domain if you want to.

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