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Frequently asked questions

MTARGET is a marketing automation tools that you can use to carry out lead generation activities (collecting customer data) and customer retain (maintaining customer relationships). You can use MTARGET to create a landing page that integrated with the form and automated email system for various needs, such as collecting subscribers, making event registrations, creating sales pages, and send email marketing. MTARGET features include Email Marketing, Email Automation, A/B Email Testing, Landing Page Builder, Form, Social Media Management, etc.

MTARGET does not provide a database for blast and does not justify the use of MTARGET accounts for blast emails to illegal databases.

MTARGET is not only suitable for businesses that already have a database. If you don't have it yet, you can start using MTARGET to collect customer data through the Landing Page and Form features, then optimize with Email Automation to create automatic responses or serial emails to your new customers.

All subscription packages at MTARGET begin with a 14 day trial period. Register MTARGET at or through package options in the Pricing page.

You can enter the billing system in MTARGET account to start subscribing. Please follow the instructions to make a payment.

If you have a database more than 50,000 contacts, please contact our representative via live chat in our page, or WhatsApp to +62811142799, or email to

We hope you have try free trial test the features in MTARGET before subscribing, because the payments you have made cannot be returned, unless there are other cases such as overpayments.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the subscription package at any time according to the features and growth needs of the database in your MTARGET account.

MTARGET system supports payments via debit or credit card with payments automatically confirmed after you make a transfer. If you make a payment manually, you can transfer to BCA Account 5425129799 (PT Target Sukses Sinergi - BCA Menara Palma) and manually confirm via live chat or WhatsApp to +62811142799. MTARGET does not support payments other than those listed above.