About MTARGET Product

Information about MTARGET product


In one place, MTARGET can answer the needs of major digital marketing for various business backgrounds and objectives. MTARGET has excellent features that support business people such as Email Marketing, A/B Test Email, Email Automation, Form API, Landing Page, Social Media Management, File and Template Manager

MTARGET Product Functions

With complete features, MTARGET can be used to all digital marketing needs. As in the Page feature, you can create a landing page like business profile or event, create a product catalog, create a form to collect subscriber data, RSVP events and conduct surveys. Managing customer contacts and segmentation is easier to do in the MTARGET Contact Book feature. There is also Email Marketing and Email Automation feature that can maximize email marketing campaign activities, such as sending automatic email to create email series and birthday email, spread email newsletters/promotions to massive audience on a regular basis, or via A/B Testing with analysis that can be tracked and managed, then support integration between web application APIs for email transaction implementation.


Email Marketing.
Conduct email marketing activities to interact and promote customers more personally, with a mobile friendly email, easy design, and complete reports.

Email Automation.
Determines which emails are sent automatically with the visual scenario composer. Email automation can be made for email series, response emails, or birthday email.

Interactive Form
Acquire customer data such as subscriber data, create event, registration forms, and conduct surveys with just one feature.

Landing Page
Publish marketing programs through landing page with ease of distribution everywhere and can be integrated with analytical tools.

Social Media Management
Managing posts on social media accounts in one dashboard. Plan, schedule posts, and see the summary of interactions. Can be used multi platform in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

MTARGET Update Documentation

At the beginning, MTARGET only had one main feature, Email Marketing tools that could be used to spread mass email. Over time, MTARGET feature is still being developed by adding components, supporting features, and developing other new features such as Email Automation, Landing Page Builder, Form API, Contact Book, Template Manager and A/B Testing. In February 2018, MTARGET released the Transactional Email feature that has a different function from email marketing. In the same year, other new features were also released to further facilitate the user's digital marketing activities.