Frequently asked questions about MTARGET

MTARGET in General

MTARGET is a startup that worked in the field of Software as a Service. MTARGET makes an email system product with artificial intelligence technology.

  1. Can help you to simplify the job
  2. Structured and measurable email report
  3. User data security is assured
  4. It can benefit your business

  1. MTARGET has excellent features of labeling and location. The presence of labeling feature will allow you to manage contacts. You will also get location (country and city) information from customers
  2. MTARGET also comes with email marketing supporting tools. We not only provide email marketing system, but also supporting tools for email marketing business, such as: landing page and form.

No, we only provide services for email marketing and email automation. The customer email list database is the responsibility of the account owner.


You can create a MTARGET account here. We give you a free trial for 30 days. After that you can still use MTARGET as usual, except to send mail.

No. MTARGET only need an internet connection and a browser to work. For optimal results, we highly recommend you to choose Google Chrome as the browser.

You can read our privacy policy here.

To change the MTARGET account password, you can do it by clicking the profile above the right of your screen, select user settings, then change password.

Forgot your MTARGET account password? No need to worry. You can reset the password here.


Yes, you can register your MTARGET account for free and get a free trial version for 30 days. You will get a notification about the time limit of the free trial version.

To change your account become a paid account, just click on the profile above the right of your screen, select billing user, then choose the package that suits you.

MTARGET provide subscription packages with monthly or annual fee. Full price details can be read here.

MTARGET accepts payments by bank transfer and credit card.

MTARGET system supports payments via debit or credit card with payments automatically confirmed after you make a transfer. If you make a payment manually, you can transfer to BCA Account 5425129799 (PT Target Sukses Sinergi - BCA Menara Palma) and manually confirm via live chat or WhatsApp to +62811142799. MTARGET does not support payments other than those listed above.

You can upgrade your package by clicking on the Profile, on the top right of your screen, select the Billing user, then select the package which you want.

No, you have the freedom to upgrade and cancel the package anytime you want.

Yes, payment invoice will be sent before your bill is paid and after your bill has been paid. A week before the payment deadline, we will send you a notification via email.

Email Marketing

There are two ways how to create an email.

  1. In the top dashboard, there is a Create button, please click on it. Then choose Create email
  2. Select the Email marketing menu on the Dashboard, then on the top right, please click the Create email button.


Sent rate indicates the percentage of the number of emails that have been successfully sent.

Open rate shows the percentage of the number of emails that have been opened by the recipients of the email.

Click-through rate indicates the percentage of links that have been opened by email recipients.

Unsubscribe rate indicates the percentage of recipients, who unsubscribed from emails.

Bounce rate indicates the percentage of the number of unsuccessful emails (may be due to invalid email address).

If you still have any unanswered questions, please contact us via chat by clicking the chat button on the bottom right, or contact us via this page.


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