How MTARGET Help Your Business

Case Study of how MTARGET is used for various needs


Closer to The Customer

Basically, digital marketing activities is all about increasing leads, prospects or followers, and maintaining good relationships through useful and relevant content, to increase trust and loyalty that results transactions for your business.

Activities for data acquisition or database improvement are often referred as to lead generation. Lead generation is an effort to collect customer data from the form of names, email addresses, mobile numbers and etc. So that they can be contacted to deliver marketing content or promotions at any time. To collect data and establish relationships with audiences, you need tools such as landing pages, forms, and email marketing (automation) tools that you can find in MTARGET (information about features you can access here). Here we provide an example of how MTARGET features can be used to optimize the marketing activities of your business.

Create Subscribe Newsletter Platform


You can create a subscribe newsletter platform for your blog/website. First, create a form in MTARGET Interactive Tools feature. Second, create a landing page, add the content and form you have created. Third, publish landing page and select your landing page share option to be embedded on the web or displayed as a pop up window. there are instructions and codes that you can use for implementation to your blog/website.

Your audience will like the immediate response after they share the data. You can use Email Automation feature to confirm by thanking for subscribing to your newsletter. Or if your newsletter trigger is like content such as ebooks, graphic assets, or other types of lead magnets, you can attach the material in the email automation content.

Send Newsletter & Promotions Email


After customers share their data with you, they want to know what's new about your business. With MTARGET, you can create emails to share updates regularly about any information that is useful and relevant. Build closeness and do promotions to increase sales of your products/services.

E-commerce: Get Subscribers and Distribute Vouchers


Have you ever been to e-commerce or a retail store and got a shopping discount voucher if you joined the newsletter? If you are in a similar industry, you can do something like that for the acquisition of website visitor data. If visitors are interested in your offer, MTARGET Email Automation can send a confirmation email directly as a subscriber and attach the terms of your promotion. [Demo]

Sales: Automatic Follow Up to Prospective Customers


If you are sales team, when you meet potential customers, of course you hope to immediately follow up by sending introduction email. With MTARGET, you can create a follow up system to send follow up emails automatically. By sending the promotional material template at the specified time, you can input the prospect data from the business card obtained. For indirect marketing, you can create a landing page like catalog and attach a contact form to contact you directly.

Event: Smooth Pre Event, On Event & Post Event


Pre Event: Registration System
Making event planning isn't as difficult as you might think. With MTARGET, you can make the system start from the preparation (pre event), at the time of the event (on event) and after the event (post event) easily and efficiently. Before the event, you can set up landing pages for RSVP and distribute the registration page to your customer database. If you prepare for public, you can include a QR Code that can be obtained and distributed in whatever media you need. Create an automatic confirmation system with Email Automation MTARGET to deliver your event reminders to the registrant, as well as proof of the list that can be shown when the event takes place.


On Event: Check In System
With MTARGET, what you can do during an event is almost same as the preparation before the event. You need to provide re-registration landing page with the form of an email address form to count the registrants present at the event, and send a welcome email containing event information, rundown, speaker profile, material attachments, or even request to fill out the survey.


Post Event: Survey
At the end of the event, you can share the survey landing page by including a short link or QR Code at the end of the presentation slide so that it is easily accessible for your event evaluation. You can add bonuses such as vouchers or merchandise that can be exchanged after filling out surveys to increase participation in your survey.


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