7 Ways to Avoid Spam Email

There are a number of reasons why email marketing can be considered as spam, such as email content that contains scams, buying contact lists, not adding unsubscribe options, and much more. Once an email get in a spam folder, it means that the reputation of the email will decrease. The impact is that the next emails have a high probability of being considered as spam. Here are ways to ensure that e-mails are not considered as spam.

  1. Ask For Subscriber Approval
    Reason: Getting confirmation that someone really wants to get an e-mail from you will avoid e-mails being considered spam.

  2. Send Welcome Email As Soon As Possible
    Reason: Waiting too long to send a welcome email to a new subscriber is likely to give a bad first impression. We recommend using email automation to ensure that welcome emails can be sent less than 24 hours after signing up.

  3. Avoid Word Spam
    Reason: There are several words that directly make e-mails considered spam by spam filters, such as: 100% free, $$$, register now (the list of spam words can be read on the MTARGET blog).

  4. Avoid Shortened Links (Shortened Links)
    Reason: Shortening links such as using bit.ly is a common practice, but it turns out this kind of thing makes e-mail easily read as spam.

  5. Add An Unsubscribe Link
    Reason: the link to unsubscribe is an important part of the email, if it is removed then the spam filter will automatically consider the email as spam.

  6. Send Content According To Subscriber Expectations
    Reason: The best way to avoid complaints and avoid e-mails is considered spam is to send content in accordance with the wishes of the subscriber.

  7. Use The Company Domain
    Reason: Company email domains are considered more convincing and harder to fake than Gmail or Yahoo email domains.

If you have already done something that makes e-mails considered as spam, the first step to take is to see how much error is made, correct errors if possible (such as sending follow-up e-mails), then make sure the same error is not repeated.

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