Every businesses is unique, including yours.

That is why MTARGET software is Modular. Whether you wanted to start small or jump right in with the latest technology of integrated cross-channel personalized marketing. We will help you to tailor the software & strategies to bring the highest ROI for your campaign.

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We make it possible for you to understand your customers better through data.

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Flow will make it possible for you to build a seamless automated cross channel customer experience, leading towards operational efficiency and revenue growth.

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Get to know your customers like never before. You are able to know who is ready for purchase or has started to slip away. This is beyond what works and what’s not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try MTARGET before making a payment?

Yes, you can use MTARGET starting with a 30 day trial.

Can I skip the free trial period to directly subscribe?

There are feature limitation in the free trial period. If you want to use MTARGET according to your needs, you can skip the trial period by upgrading your package in the billing menu, or you can also directly register on the pricing page which will automatically be directed to make payments.

Is the current package price based on contact count?

No, you can save your contacts as much as you want. You will be charged for the quota for regular email delivery and the types of features that you can choose on the subscription package that we provide.

What happen if my regular email quota runs out?

We provide extra quota that you can buy separately and you can use to send email if your regular quota is used up. Extra quota does not add to the active period of subscription and can be used until it runs out as long as your account is still active and not suspended.

If I extend or upgrade a package, will the previous quota be accumulated to the new package?

No. All quota will automatically reset after you complete the payment for your latest package. The quota will be replaced according to the package you paid.

What is meant by extra category on the feature page?

We have extra features with special dashboards such as Transactional Email and Event Management which are not available on regular accounts. Please contact us for more information.

What is the MTARGET payment system?

MTARGET accepts payments via credit card and transfers via virtual accounts which will be checked automatically through the system. If you want to make payments manually, you can transfer to a bank with BCA account number 5425129799 (PT Target Sukses Sinergi - BCA Menara Palma). Then confirm payment by uploading proof of payment through the Billing menu in the dashboard of your MTARGET account. We do not support payments other than those listed above.


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