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Submit any email address and see for yourself how fast and precise Purify is.

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Validate, send, analyze, repeat

An end-to-end solution for the accuracy of your email activities.

Eliminate bounced emails

Say goodbye to bouncebacks and hello to successful email campaigns by eliminating invalid and inaccurate email addresses.

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Send emails with confidence

Boost the deliverability of your emails and send emails with peace of mind, knowing they will reach their intended recipients.

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Track and improve

Get in-depth analytics to monitor the success of your campaigns, make data-driven decisions, and achieve your desired results.

Secure your spot

Why Purify?


Validating up to 2,000 emails per minute.


Up to 97.5% accuracy rate for cleaner email database.


Adjusted and flexible pricing to meet your needs.


Support team always ready to help you.

Data privacy and security with ISO 27001 standard


Clear and well-defined own structure

Comply with legal requirements

Continuously monitor and prevent risks

Protect your reputation from threats

All the features that make your life easier

Bulk Cleansing

Quickly and efficiently clean and verify large email lists with our bulk cleansing feature.

Email Verification API

Domain Confirmation

Email Deduplication

Minimize Bouncing

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