SMTP Relay

Reliable, secure SMTP relay services to keep your messages moving

Avoid being blacklisted

Add your company into a pool of trustworthy senders with a high IP reputation.

Grow your email volume as you need

Send massive emails in a shorter time with Layang Technology™

Get expert technical support

Get access to a top-notch email infrastructure as well as an experienced support team that can help you with deliverability issues.

Get a clear picture of your deliverability

Learn how many of your emails bounce or why it happens with In-depth Analytics.

Have a clean user interface

Get a time-saving, user-friendly interface to easily find, surface, and understand email information.

All the features that will ensure your credibility

Tracking & Reporting

Get insight into emails sent, bounces, spam notifications, spam complaints, and detailed error codes.

Data Management

IP Reputation Monitoring

Ready to send emails right to the inbox?

More Products

Check all the products we have to maximize your email marketing campaigns.


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