Transactional Email

Automated emails for specific interactions, made fast and easy

Build customer trust

Make your customers feel safe by providing useful information at every step of a business transaction.

Increase customer engagement

Have a one-on-one approach and make your customer feel special for higher interaction.

Make more sales

Incite your customer’s desire to purchase more goods and create mental wish lists for their future purchases.

Make your brand recognizable

Build brand visibility and recognition at crucial points in the customer cycle with selected Templates.

Reactivate your customers

Convert inactive customers into regular customers with Abandoned Cart or Trial Expiry Emails.

All the features that make your life easier

Electronic Billing

Make billing faster and have your bill delivered straight to your customer inbox.

Payment Authorization

Email OTP


Tracking & Reporting

Ready to run your transaction smoothly?

More Products

Check all the products we have to maximize your email marketing campaigns.


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