Episode 3 - 18 Jul 2022

A Mentor with a Resilient Mindset

indra kusuma from Apple Developer Academy

Challenges are not something to be avoided when they come. It is precisely when we can get through it, that we become individuals with more resilient mindsets. There are at least 6 ways that are followed by Indra Kusuma overcame the problems he faces in his life journey. What are they? Check out the full story in this episode of Bulls Eyes.

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Defining himself as an energetic, passionate, and futuristic person, Indra Kusuma has a very high curiosity. Although he often met with failure, Indra's guts never shrunk to continue meeting new people and building a business with them. Because for him 'the most important thing is to try.'

From being 'only' a freelancer whose job is to design company logos and also a tour guide, Indra has reclaimed his identity and pursued his dream to become someone who can share knowledge.

With his role as a business and professional skills mentor at the Apple Developer Academic, Indra only has one vision, which is to grow seeds to be ready to face the future.

Indra provides an opportunity for his students and people in general in digital to learn about tech design and develop their business skills. He challenges them to find a solution to a problem and turn it into a product or application that can be utilized by various industries.

Of course, in his career, Indra faced many challenges. According to him, his first challenge was his job. Because this job requires him to be a professional individual. Watch the full story here.

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