Episode 8 - 31 Aug 2022

Turning Problems into Opportunities

laksa ersa anugratama from Kreen Indonesia

Kreen Indonesia is a product that emerged during COVID-19. When the world was hit by many uncertainties and problems due to the pandemic, Laksa Ersa, the COO of Kreen Indonesia, managed to thrive and turned these problems into an opportunity to help others, especially in terms of managing events during a global health crisis. Hear the story of Laksa Ersa who can see, manage, and turn a problem into a business opportunity.

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Seeing the extraordinary impact of COVID-19 that shook various business industries, Laksa Ersa and his team tried to understand the problems that occurred, then managed, and turned the crisis into an opportunity to help each other between businesses, especially in terms of event management, which during the pandemic, various online events were forced to switch to online events.

Kreen Indonesia is a product that was born because of the pandemic. Why is that? Because at a time when the world was being hit by many problems, Laksa and startup founders were given various opportunities to create something that would later help other business people.

After discussing how a problem becomes an opportunity in the style of Laksa Ersa, we discuss further who Laksa Ersa is and what it is that describes him. Laksa has three words that define himself, namely Curious, Committee, and Responsible.

As someone who now lives in an all-digital world and everything is developing so fast, we must have a sense of curiosity-a high curiosity about everything-and must commit and fight for things that are considered right and of course can be accounted for. Watch the full story here.

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