Episode 5 - 12 Aug 2022

A Confident and Responsible Manager

mira nur mutia from PPM Manajemen

Quoting Oprah Winfrey, “You are responsible for your life,” Mira Nur Mutia is a manager who believes that everyone needs to be confident in doing their work. Knowing yourself and how to be respectful to others is also advice she can give to anyone who wants to be successful in their career.

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Even though she comes from a family background that views life as 'having a good life is enough,' Mira Nur Mutia continued her education to a Master's Degree in Marketing Management until she managed to reach her current position, namely a Product Marketing Manager at PPM Manajemen.

In living her career, of course, Mira encounters many challenges. According to her, the biggest challenge is doubting yourself. Achieving a position in automotive, a sector dominated by men, as a woman is not easy. But she managed to overcome that fear and “it wasn't that hard, really.”

The second challenge Mira faces as a manager is the generation gap. According to her, having subordinates or subordinates who are older is a challenge in itself. 'Learning to be patient and good communication techniques is a must,' said Mira.

The third challenge is how to balance optimism and realism. Mira likens this to flying a kite: there is an art of pulling and letting to solve this. 'We have to know which one. Marketing people are usually very optimistic. But we have to keep checking whether something is possible or not on the field,' said Mira.

The manager, who is pursuing her career as a mother, also offers advice to young people who are just starting their careers. Watch the full story here.

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