Episode 24 - 11 Jan 2023

People and Perspective

mitesh gandhi from Program Manager Expert

“Program management is a field that helps you build relationships. And being a program manager has helped me get a wider perspective,” said Mitesh Gandhi, a Program Manager Expert. That is how Mitesh lives his role as a professional. Also in order to fulfill his dream to help people live a holistic life.

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In #StoriesWorthTelling this time, you will hear Mitesh Gandhi's story of assessing people from all different perspectives. The fact that everyone has a different character, and that's how we should also differentiate the way we approach each individual. It also demands our ability to bring people together to deliver and execute a common vision.

Especially when having to organize so many heads to carry out a single mission. Mitesh believes that a humane approach is much better than a purely technical focus. He even mentioned a quote for this, “Any person who's successful, is successful because of the holistic approach that they have in their life.”

But it's not just what he has to do, this position also gives him many new perspectives. He learns more about people through listening. "Once you listen, you collect the data, then you analyze it, and then you come up with the best possible solution," said Mitesh.

This episode literally talks about people and perspective. Even at the end of the session, you will also be presented with Mitesh's interesting views about himself —who is also a part of ‘people’. He labeled himself as Jack of All, Master of None. His life is filled with many different activities which are his hobbies.

Then regarding the journey of life itself, Mitesh chose to go through it freely. "This too shall pass," a motto that becomes his guide in facing all difficulties. And now he is here, speaking, and being there for young souls who need guidance.

Watch the full story of Mitesh Gandhi in this episode of #StoriesWorthTelling - Bulls Eyes!

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