Episode 2 - 07 Jun 2022

A Lifelong Learner

poppy octavia from MADRE

As a lifelong learner, Poppy Octavia never stops developing new and in-demand skills. Having the spirit of someone who has never given up, she advances her career and continues to improve her personal development to contribute to the greater good.

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Since she was in elementary school, Poppy Octavia has dreamed of becoming a teacher, because according to her the job of being a teacher is fun and beneficial for others. Teachers can share knowledge, skills, and many other things with people.

Poppy started her career at Strategic Brand, where she had to build relationships with clients, read briefs, and execute them into a campaign. In this field of work, Poppy has learned a lot about how to read people, audiences, consumers, and trends that are happening so that she can turn these trends into insights that can be used as material for campaign purposes.

Poppy has been in the creative industry since the age of 22, almost halfway through her life. And for the last 2 years, to be precise, since the end of 2019 and early 2020, the dream of becoming a teacher has reappeared because Poppy felt that she had already worked and built a company for a long time. She already has a team but something seems to be missing.

Now, going from there, Poppy began to study again and take Certified Coach Training because she hopes that in the next 10 years she can become a coach or mentor for others.

In addition, there are many other things that Poppy does to help others, especially workers in building their careers. Come and learn more about how Poppy rebuilds her dream, becomes a career woman who remains energetic, and still puts her family first. Watch the full story here.

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