Episode 19 - 29 Nov 2022

Young, Different & Dangerous Product Designer

rio surbakti from PMO Kartu Prakerja

Young, different, and dangerous. Those are three words that can describe Rio Surbakti. The man who is very passionate about design began to develop himself from an early age. From making a broad scope of designs, he finally started to organize and think about the user experience of every design he made when he became a product designer. Watch for a full story in this episode of #StoriesWorthTelling - Bulls Eyes.

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Being a product designer at Kartu Prakerja is not what Rio Surbakti had in his mind when starting his career. So, what brought Rio in the end to become the Product Designer he is today?

Rio studied Informatics Management at the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). However, the knowledge gained in his lectures did not only make him want to continue it but also made him say, “I hate coding.” Realizing this, Rio immediately changed his course so that he would no longer encounter 'coding'.

After his graduation, Rio immediately embarked on a career path in the world of design. Rio became a graphic designer in an agency. From there, he leaped to become a product designer.

Of course, it was not easy for Rio when he made the transition and adaptation from a graphic designer to become a product designer who takes on the interests of many people.

Even though it is complex and many things must be adjusted to the needs of many people and also for the sake of business continuity, Rio seems to be very passionate and in love when it comes to designing a product.

Rio has unstoppable satisfaction when the products he produces are widely used, receive good feedback, and are also useful for people. Until finally he can describe himself as a young, different, and dangerous product designer.

But, what does it mean? Watch this episode of #StoriesWorthTelling - Bulls Eyes for full.

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