Episode 7 - 29 Aug 2022

An Impactful, Loyal, and Excellent CEO

ryan kristo muljono from ToffeeDev

The personal growth of his team is a matter Ryan Kristo Muljono takes into his hand personally. For him, giving value to team members is all that matters. From being the Chief ‘Everything’ Officer to being the Chief Executive Officer at ToffeeDev, a company he built almost 12 years ago, he understands how important it is to be loyal to what he does.

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Helping business people and marketers grow their companies online is the goal that Ryan Kristo Muljono had when he built ToffeeDev which has digital marketing services that include SEO, websites, and advertising.

Ryan explained how in 2011, the year he built his company, the internet wasn't something that business people had in common. He also has a dream to turn his business into digital.

Ryan also has a dream to promote Indonesian products throughout the world. Because for him, Indonesia is a big country that also has very promising potential. 'Indonesia is a big and powerful country. We have to be aware of this,' he said and added, 'This is about how to make Indonesia visible. And Indonesia is not only Bali.'

After graduating with a double degree from the Department of Mathematics and IT at Binus University, Ryan received the doctrine to become an entrepreneur from an early age. Even in college, Ryan also learned about multi-level marketing. Here he began to learn marketing, connecting, and how to interact with people.

After working with one of the biggest motivators in Indonesia, Ryan finally started his own business in 2010. He admitted that the first year of building a business was the time when he felt the most under pressure.

Using savings and implementing a bootstrap system, Ryan explained how entrepreneurs always start their businesses as CEOs; not the Chief Executive Officer but the Chief Everything Officer.

Talking about the biggest challenge in developing a business, Ryan explained that when the team members grow, the obstacles will also increase. 'It's like when one tooth hurts, the whole body shivers,' he said. But according to him, this is all part of the process.

Another thing that challenges business people at the beginning is the envious thought of seeing other entrepreneurs look more successful than us. In fact, 'The neighbor's grass is not always greener than ours,' explained the founder of ToffeeDev.

Ryan also began to explain one of the words that describe him, namely impact. Because for him whatever we do, it all depends on what impact we want to live on the world. He explained, “Impact is not just about money, but how we can give value to those closest to us.”

This is where the importance of giving value to our team members is. Because according to Ryan, team members can grow when they are not stuck in their position. 'What is more important than a salary increase is personal growth. When they start to make an impact on other people, that's where they grow,' he said. Watch the full story here.

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