[D-BD] Backend Developer

Full Time | Internship

Scope of Work

  1. Develop and maintain API and MTARGET features.
  2. Develop a good code to be used on the backend application.
  3. Develop web services and APIs used in applications.
  4. Develop core services in applications that connect with databases, third-party applications or other API.
  5. Develop environment and ecosystem applications.
  6. Manage and make bug fixes that are reported.
  7. Collaborate with design teams and other programmer teams, and be able to manage time on various projects and tasks in a team environment based on deadlines.
  8. Participate in discussions on technical best practices and help the team to identify technical problems with optimal solutions.
  9. Testing and monitoring the backend work system.

General Requirement

  1. Have a good attitude, professional & responsible.
  2. Communicative and initiative.
  3. Able to identify problems, analyze and find helpful solutions.

Special Requirement

  1. Man / Woman
  2. Experience with the Java programming language
  3. Having experience in developing web-based applications
  4. Experience with NoSQL DB
  5. Experienced with Restfull API
  6. Have experience using GIT
  7. Have a strong motivation and desire
  8. Adaptable

How to Apply

  1. Send your CV via email to
  2. Use the email subject with the position code you want and your name. Example: [D-BD] Martha Thalia.


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