Atlaz Innovation: Transformation of English Learning through Digital Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is the best channel to get the right audience to advance English education in Indonesia.

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Meet Atlaz Belajar Bahasa
Atlaz is an education-technology startup that was officially established in January 2021. With a mission to be a revolutionary for learning English in Indonesia, Atlaz is determined to improve the quality of education in Indonesia by contributing to the improvement of learning materials and teaching methods in schools.

Get quality leads continuously by sharing personalized promotional materials

Exposure Brands

To increase awareness, Atlaz use our landing page builder which can be used without coding.

Ease of Finding Audience

In getting quality leads, Atlaz is looking for the right customers according to the target market.

Maximizing the Next Campaign

Get in-depth, easy-to-read analysis as soon as you complete a marketing campaign.

Their Challenges

  • Reach the right audience for using Atlaz products.
  • The number of incoming unqualified leads.
  • Nurturing existing customers.

“As for the biggest challenge, for Atlaz itself, it's finding the right audience in our digital marketing campaigns.”

Our Solutions

  • Sending the right information direct to specific customer lists.
  • Gather email list information using landing pages and integrated forms.
  • Build loyal customers with email newsletter.

“And from the beginning of my usage, I observed that I was adequately assisted, and any complaints were quite well received.”

Let's see how happy they are

“Ensuring that the campaign information is conveyed clearly to the audience is certainly crucial. Because we can see clear from MTARGET feature Analytics, so we can rework the data that previously didn't perform well.“

Yusuf Hadi

Sales Marketing Atlaz

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