Promoting Business with Email Marketing, Crewdible Gets 9 New B2B Clients

We explain in detail how Crewdible uses email marketing to promote their business and improvise their services with us.

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Meet Crewdible
Crewdible is an Indonesian start-up engaged in online fulfillment services. Established in 2017, Crewdible has provided integrated services for e-commerce businesses and SMEs for goods storage, and packing until ready to be picked up by couriers, where all activities are combined in an application that can facilitate online sellers in their business transactions.

Email marketing is a bridge between Crewdible and sellers.

9 New Clients

Knowing the needs of consumers out there and being able to meet their needs.

17% Average Open Rate

Using email as a means to promote their webinar events.

20-30% Subscribers Growth

Performing continuity and consistency in every email marketing activity.

Their Challenge

  • Competing in the midst of many competitors.
  • Increasing engagement between sellers.
  • Optimizing all services that are more helpful.

“Trying to stay innovative amid many emerging competitors.”

Our Solution

  • Creating onboarding messages for all consumers.
  • Our Landing Page and Email Automation tools help Crewdible to nurture their audience.
  • Cost-efficiency - email is the bridge between Crewdible and the best consumers while still being able to maintain the stability of its delivery.

“Strengthening engagement by organizing events to unite the sellers”

Let's see how happy they are

“Email marketing is an important and crucial channel for Crewdible. Through email marketing, we can reach and engage more with our entire audience.”

Yudha Aswardani

Digital Marketing Manager Crewdible

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