How Finansialku Gains 700K+ Leads with Personalized Email Marketing

Learn about how Finansialku works together with us to overcome the challenges of email marketing campaigns during the pandemic.

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Meet Finansialku
PT Solusi Finansialku Indonesia ( is the one and only financial planning company that has educational portals, financial applications, and financial consulting in Indonesia.

Finansialku listens to customers and gives them exactly what they want through personalized email marketing.

700K+ Leads Generated

Actively and consistently reaching the audience by sending emails that are right on target and regularly maintained according to the timeline.

High-Intent Customer Success

Optimizing the customer experience with automated and hyper-targeted email communications.

728 Successful Email Campaigns

Using the email automation tool to make it easier to manage each campaign that will be executed.

Their Challenge

  • For a financial app-based like Finansialku, data security is the number one concern. Also, during the pandemic era, the shape of digital marketing activities must adapt to new developments. The more activities in the digital world, the more diverse the problems they face related to data security and customer privacy issues.

“To understand customer needs and wants, we pay attention to deliverability.”

Our Solutions

  • By using our platform, Finansialku succeeds to maintain all of its customers by communicating all of its information platforms through e-books, mobile applications, and follow-up events to recurring users.

“Build a strong relationship by giving relevant and related content in a segmented audience labeling.”

Let's see how happy they are

“MTARGET is the only local email delivery platform with reliable features. They’ve helped us to do customer retention.”

Melvin Mumpuni

Founder & CEO

“To ensure email deliverability, we need support from a local email marketing service provider that can be consulted and provide services that fit our needs.”

Dendy Agustiyan

Email Marketing Specialist

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