Madre Achieves a 24% Open Rate and Perfectly Manages Events Through Email Marketing

Learn how Madre works together with us to achieve a 24% open rate, manage events, and overcome the challenges they face.

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Meet Madre Indonesia
Madre Indonesia is a brand that was founded in 2016 and is under the auspices of PT Kreasi Indonesia. Madre Indonesia started its journey as a business that puts its focus on creative and experiential events which will take you to the best experiences that will never be forgotten.

Madre does not only focus during the event but pays attention to details from pre-event to post-event.

98.42% Average Sent Rate

With a total of 13,435 email recipients in 2021, Madre managed to grow the total email contacts by managing a high-quality email database.

24.98% Average Open Rate

Because of the close attachment to their email marketing audience, it’s no wonder that every email sent can get good interaction from their audience.

1.31% Average Click-Through Rate

Of all the email campaigns sent, 164 emails were clicked. This further reinforces that there is a strong bond between Madre and their audience.

Their Challenge

  • Adaptation to technological developments in event promotion.
  • Adaptation to the pandemic era.
  • Developing engagement with customers.
  • Knowing & fulfilling customer wishes.

"Stay close to customers, in the midst of a pandemic situation."

Our Solution

  • Form Integration, Email Automation, and Newsletter from us helped Madre in managing events perfectly. Also, we helped Madre increase conversions from event visitors to leads.

“Be present in every situation knowing and fulfilling the customer’s wishes.”

Let's see how happy they are

“Our strength is how something is possible, zero, we are crafting ideas, we are the ones who will execute it, of course, everything that is running must be monitored. This is the difference from other digital agencies. Madre doesn’t just focus on execution, Madre pays attention from pre-event to post-event."

Poppy Octavia

CMO of Madre Indonesia & Madre Lab

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