Madre Picks the Perfect All-in-One Partner to Run the Perfect Event at APMF 2022

Madre Indonesia successfully held APMF 2022 event with cool innovations in terms of content, experience, and technology.

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Meet Madre Indonesia
Madre Indonesia is a brand that was founded in 2016 and is under the auspices of PT Kreasi Indonesia. Madre Indonesia started its journey as a business that puts its focus on creative and experiential events which will take you to the best experiences that will never be forgotten.

Madre Indonesia gave a new experience at this event with the support of technology from various sides.

Sharper Targeted Invitation Sending

Our email newsletter helps Madre to target potential participants so that the APMF event runs lively.

Practical and Fun Registration Flow

Madre invites participants to RSVP through the application we built with the output in the form of a confirmation email as an e-ticket.

All Needs in One Application

Everything related to the event can be accessed through the application so that the implementation runs smoothly and regularly.

Their Challenge

  • Reach the right audience to promote APMF events.
  • Presenting a new technology-based experience.
  • Difficulty communicating with multiple partners.
  • Difficulty in adjusting the event preparation timeline with each partner.

“Our aim is to work with vendors in a collaborative manner, not just seek those with advantages. That's our challenge.”

Our Solution

  • Sending promotional materials via e-mail newsletters to targeted audiences.
  • Build an application that accommodates all the needs of organizing an event.
  • Become a partner who can provide all of Madre's needs.
  • Providing a professional team that works quickly and in sync with the existing timeline.

“We are grateful to have found MTARGET, whose mission is to support growth. Our event registration has now been enhanced in a personalized manner."

Let's see how happy they are

“Sometimes in event management, what we really need to devote more to is content and experience. So why are we tired of taking care of the system if we have the right partner? Just let the partner do that thing. And that is perfect for us to collaborate for APMF 2022.”

Poppy Octavia

CMO of Madre Indonesia & Madre Lab

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