Email Marketing: The Mainstay of Maucash’s Promotions & Communications

Having to adapt to a pandemic requires Maucash to find smart ways to stay in touch with their clients.

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Meet Maucash
Maucash is a subsidiary of PT Astra International TBK and WeLab, a leading fintech company based in Hong Kong. Maucash is engaged in financial technology with the category of peer-to-peer lending which provides an opportunity for people to realize their dreams through the Maucash loan limit. Maucash is licensed and supervised by OJK and has obtained ISO27001 so that Maucash becomes a safe and reliable fintech.

Email marketing becomes the most effective communication & promotion media choice during the pandemic.

50+% Increase in App Downloads Every Year

Since 2019, our platform has helped Maucash to get a lot of customers who download the app.

Segmentation and Personalization Maximization

The transformation of email from the nickname "outdated" to a powerful tool to market its products.

Email Templates Simplify and Speed ​​Up Process

The number of campaign activities carried out makes Maucash feel helped by using our email templates.

Their Challenge

  • Time and relevance make it difficult for Maucash to carry out targeted and effective marketing activities.
  • The number of incoming unqualified leads.
  • Hard to reach loyal customers through social media.

To understand customer needs and wants, also pay attention to deliverability.

Our Solution

  • Sending the right information direct to specified customer lists.
  • Giving CTA that is easy for customers to take action immediately in every email campaign sent.
  • Helping Maucash to segment database and personalize emails.

“Optimizing loyalty program for the right target.”

Let's see how happy they are

"Feel helped by the many MTARGET features that can simplify and speed up the work process in just one dashboard."

Rezita Alfira Rizky

Public Relation & Marketing Communication Maucash

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